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Algernon's Dilemma
Created by Jim Alexander
A daily continuity featuring the misadventures of H. R. Beck, the world's meanest corprate vice president, and Miss Filigree, his beautiful, albeit scatterbrained secretary. Watch as the unusaul happens around this office, including abductions by snowmen and the superhero Amazing, who usually catches workers after Mr. Beck tosses them out windows.

Alien Dice
Created by Tiffany Ross
Alien Dice is basically an adventure geared toward both a male and female crowd. There's a little bit of everything in it, from comedy to romance. Think real creatures crossed mixing with aliens all playing in a game similar to pokemon.

Dan's Cartoons
Created by Dan Rosandich

Deer Me
Created by Sheryl Schopfer
"Deer Me" is a weekly on-line comic about a trio of roommates and their not-so-normal day-to-day routines. This humorous, slice-of-life comic primarily features anthropomorphic deer Viana Doesulen and her poor attitude, generally tempered -- or provoked -- by roommates Thomas Millwood and Velvet Hairyson.

Created by Mark Stanley
Freefall is a general Sci-Fi comic strip. It's three main characters include a blue space alien who can't, won't, or just plain shouldn't, come out of his environment suit, his six legged robot sidekick, and their government provided engineer, a genetically engineered dog-lady. Laugh along with hundreds as they try to fix their run down starship.

Funny Farm
Created by Ryan Smith
Follow the adventures of 5 guys living in a boarder house take on the problems of life. Fighting of brainwashing cultists! Defending themselves against a masked gunman! Watch as a home PC tries to take over the world! These plots and more, all from Funny Farm.

Created by Thomas K. Dye
"Newshounds" takes place at KPET, a TV station owned by Lorna Dilbrook, a woman in her late twenties. After seeing what passed for local news, she came up with a brilliant (or so it seemed after a night of too much bad Sangria) idea. She would employ her pets as newscasters, thereby improving journalism by leaps and bounds. Or baby steps. Or something. Anyway, she could at least save a few bucks by claiming "Milk Bones" as "Dental Benefits."

As it turned out she ended up with more than she bargained for, and soon her maniacal menagerie moved in on the morass of militants, malcontents and morons that make modern 'Merica so mirthful. However, this press team is more than a match for this colossal loony bin sometimes referred to as "the world." And indeed, the question will often arise: is "human civilization" a contradiction in terms?

PC Weenies

Pewfell Porfingles
Created by Chuck Whelon
Pewfell Porfingles is a less that successful wizard who lives and occasionally works in Spirekassle, a disreputable city on the edge of civilization. He has a crumbling house, perched over a bottomless abyss where he resides with his wife, Tina and his familiar, a black cat called Monty. Tina is a warrior and first class wyvern handler in the Spirekassle City Defence Corps. During the day Pewfell works on inventing new spells, goes out adventuring with one of his peculiar bunch of associates or (mostly) sleeps. At night he can usually be found in the 'Hogs Nuts', Spirekassle's second most dangerous pub.

Sev Toons
Created by John Cook
This strip is great for all Star Trek, Star Wars, Farscape, and general science fiction fans. Laugh along with hundreds as we watch the cast of all four Star Trek series as they ask the questions everyone wants to know the answers to such as "Where do they keep the bathrooms?" Watch as the cast of Star Wars poke fun at the myth and legend. Watch as other popular science fiction television shows and movies laugh at themselves. In addition to this, Sev Trek also offers a service unique on the internet. Each week, John Cook posts a comic strip without a punchline. Over that week, YOU the reader suggests the punchlines, which are selected in a judging session.

The Changing Workplace
Created by Orren the Otter
Have you ever wanted a truly exciting job? One where you never know what's going to happen next? Then the Transformation Simplification Agency is the place for you. This is the story of Oren Vary, who became employed at the weirdest office on Earth shortly after spontaneously transforming into an otter. Since then, he has been negotiating his way through innumerable parodies of transformation-themed science fiction and fantasy stories, including such favorites as Transformers, Pinochio, and Metamor Keep. Meet Alacious, the exploding gerbil, Qualin, the silvery blob of goo, and many other funny characters. It's a laugh a minute (but only if you read slow) and guaranteed to please or your money back. (Good thing it's free!)

Created by Randall Munroe
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Created by D.J. Coffman

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